FT-360 LED

led work lamps

The new series of FRISTOM universal LED work lamps FT-360 LED and FT-361 LED is equipped with highly efficient LED diodes of CREE.
Installed in an aluminum housing in order to create optimal working conditions that guarantee high
and constant parameters of brightness, reliability and long-term durability of the product.
These lamps have already found a very wide application in land and water transport, agriculture and construction.
The housing and other lamp parts are made of top quality materials and electronic companents highly resistant
to both high and low temperatures, mechanical damages and vibrations.
The small dimensions of the lamp allow it to be mounted even in the most inaccessible locations.
FT-360 LED – wide lighting beam (illumination of close working area).
FT-361 LED – focused beam of light (illumination of the far working field).


The housing of the FT-360 LED and FT-361 LED lamps also functions as a thermal radiator and can therefore heat up significantly!

  • Wide operating voltage range of 12–55V DC
  • Power consumption: 12V/24V/48V = 3.2A/1.6A/0.8A
  • Rated power: 38 W
  • Light color temperature about 5700K (natural color, optimal to human eyes)
  • Theoretical light beam 4100 lm (Effective light beam 3500 lm)
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Certificate – EMC
  • Optimum work temperature: –40°C to +35°C
  • Ground – white wire; PLUS – black wire


FT-360 LED

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