FT-700 LED

Rear lamp

The largest all-LED rear light on the automotive market, the FT-700 LED is available in two product versions:
• with a flush-mounted clearance light – FT-700-066 LED;
• with a corner clearance light – FT-700-146 LED.
It is intended for all types of trailers, flat-beds and semi-trailers with a 24 V electrical system. The FT-700 LED lamp stands out with its modern design and great quality.
It has a durable, hermetically designed construction that ensures its perfect water-tightness and resistance to all weather conditions.
Other features:
• Pressure bleeding valve for optimum performance in all
weather conditions;
• Neck bolts for improved durability of the light enclosure;
• Large lamp modules provided with high-performance LEDs, providing a high quality of luminous output;
• Integrated LED light control system, which is compatible with vehicle electronic onboard systems to prevent onboard malfunctions and DTCs;
• Universal-fit spacing of mounting bolts – 152 mm – for easy and quick installation of the product;
• Certified EMC.

  • 6-functional universal LED lamp – low power consumption
  • european homologation E9
  • ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) homologation
  • ABS enclosure with M8 neck bolts
  • Optimised light performance – the patented Amphenol pressure bleeding valve
  • reverse polarity protection system
  • rear running light
  • STOP light
  • indicator
  • fog light
  • reflector
  • reversing light
  • supply voltage: 24V DC
  • operating temperature: -40°C do +55°C
  • lamp is resistant to any weather conditions
  • lamp is fully airtight
  • Power consumption:
    – rear running light: 24V = 0,2A
    – STOP light: 24V = 0,8A
    – indicator: 24V = 0,85A
    – reversing light: 24V = 0,25A
    – fog light: 24V = 0,2A
  • Power consumption (rated power):
    – rear running light: 24V = 5W
    – STOP light: 24V = 20W
    – indicator: 24V = 21W
    – reversing light: 24V = 6,5W
    – fog light: 24V = 5W