Work with us

Our company is constantly developing. With the technological progress, the expansion of our product range and, above all, the development of our sales and distribution network, the demand for qualified employees also increases.

What characterizes us is our commitment, pro-activity and, primarily, passion for what we do. If you follow similar rules – check current job offers and apply for the one most suitable for you.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon. Working as a team will be a pleasure and an opportunity for professional development and self-fulfilment.


We do not have any job offers at the moment. Sorry!

Career in a Polish lighting company, i.e. production of automotive lighting, sale of LED lamps and electrical wiring harnesses

Our family owned company has been operating on the Polish lighting market for many years. Production of LED lamps, electrical wiring harnesses and various types of lighting fixtures is our passion. That is why we are constantly developing and are eager to introduce newer and better lighting solutions. You can develop and improve our products with us. Join our team and expand our company with us. We are looking for employees for whom the Automotive Industry is or will soon become a passion. Commitment pays off in our company, as you will have the opportunity to quickly gain experience at various career levels.